Saturday, December 21, 2013

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fashion scarfs

Whats up ladies! Welcome to FASHION SCARF ZONE!

Do you ever have those bomb lazy days Where you just ain't finna get all dressed up, but still want to look good? Well girl... I got you! There are millions of ways to wear these scarves... imma tell you a little of them. You can have many different looks ladies,

The SECRET to still look good with your lazy outfit is to add a colorful scarf with small earings. This shows you got style girl ;) with this you can wear make up but don't go overboard with a lazy but cute outfit. This you can wear like to school, or an not so special place to go. Lol don't take this look to a dinner date or something

If you want the sophisticated look, go for a dress any dress will look good with fashion scarfs ... make sure you put on heals for this sophisticated look. With this look you can go out to eat, church, or even an job interview p.s. make sure your dress isn't so high for the job interview ;) or church lol which is commonsense. Alright girls go out and have fun looking GOOD.